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Peter A. Granillo, President/CEO

Brown and White Services:
B&WI's signature specialty is Fencing.  Our specialized construction has attended to the needs of our customers and clients in the heavy industrial and infrastructure sectors.  Areas of concentration that B&WI has performed include: border protection, law enforcement Detention Facilities in city and rural venues, barbwire fencing, elk fencing and signage in state parks, highway guardrail, cable barrier and vehicle barriers along state highways and all types of fencing in sports facility venues. 
            Fencing Installations Include:
>Industrial Fencing>Highway Cable Barrier       >Hole Drilling
>High Security Fencing >Welded Wire Fencing>Security Mesh
>Anti-Ram Gates >Residential Fencing   >Highway Sign
>Commercial Fencing  >Rack-able Temp Fence      >Cattle Gates
>Over-Head Signs >Custom Steel Fabrication
>Anti-Terrorist Fencing  >Highway Guardrail
Guardrail and Handrail
Post & Cable, Highway Cable Barrier and Signage
Ornamental Iron
B&WI Portfolio
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With over thirty years experience B&WI has perfected the Guardrail and Handrail installation process. It consists of: (1) extensive pre-planning to include site assessment, plan review to ensure industry standards are met, and feedback to the customer with any needed changes and (2) installation with mill certified material, pounding equipment that can angle a hole up to 30degrees and/or auger holes along with our digging equipment, and installation performed by our expert installers. Customers have relied on the expertise of Brown and White.  
Brown and White, Inc.

Post & Cable, Highway Cable Barrier and Signage demand a solid anchor.  BWI takes great care to consider hole depth and width as per spec. Concrete consistency is tailored for the specific project: commercial 3,000 - 4,000 psi and residential 2,500 psi. BWI can also supply Scuppers, Catch Basins, the hardware and installation of Survey Monuments and R/W markers. 
Brown and White’s staff is equipped to fashion Ornamental Iron accents. We can create the flair you just might be looking for. 

Design Build
Over the past years Brown and White has worked for non-governmental clients and municipalities in design building projects.  Our area of expertise coupled with our design build team have assisted engineering firms in design, budget and final installation of specialty projects. 
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